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After building my first RWD conversion (6.1 Hemi 88 Shelby Z Daytona) I couldn't help but feel there has to be a better way that doesn't require cutting the car apart. Since then I've been refining designs for bolt-in cross members that use factory mounting locations to take all the "math" out of converting Daytonas to rear wheel drive.

UPDATE: Please contact John at US Car and Tool in Greensborough, NC, they are making cross member kits!

Chase at East Coast Gear Supply made a Dana 44 axle with 3:73 gears and true track locker.

Lee of Modern Muscle refined the front design and ruggedized the cross member for street use.

Kenny Exline, of Exline Custom Auto, built the 88 Daytona and was instrumental in helping design a bolt-in kit. 

Rear wheel drive conversion kits for Dodge Daytonas

Committed to designing and building a bolt-in cross member kit to convert Dodge Daytonas from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive.


Although the turbo and V6 versions of the Daytona are quick packages from Dodge, I caught the urge to convert these cars after buying my first and only factory kit.

When the "factory" kit didn't even bolt into my car and didn't address the rear, I started designing and building my own.


Developing a RWD conversion kit for Dodge Daytonas


I've been buying and building Dodge products since I was 14 years old. Over the years I've found a passion for the 80s to 90s Dodge Daytonas and have recently infused the old with the new by integrating the new Hemi with the Dodge Daytona.

In addition to Daytonas, I've also built Chargers, Challengers, Ram Trucks, and Jeeps.

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Dodge Daytona Rear Wheel Drive